This page I intend to be a go-to for resources of all kinds, whether that’s specifically deaf-related or not. It will grow over time. Although links are to the books on, I am in no way suggesting that you purchase from that company: in fact, I strongly suggest that you borrow these from your University Library if possible. I have, with all of these.
If you have any suggestions for books or websites to go here, please feel free to email me on deafstudentuk at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Academic Practice

  • B. Greetham, How to Write your Undergraduate Dissertation (Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, 2nd ed., 2014).
  • R. Boden, J. Kenway, and D. Epstein, Academic Support Kit (Sage Publications, 2nd ed., 2007) – Link is to the Kindle version but print versions are available too. The kit is actually six books in total – Building your Academic Career, Getting Started on Research, Writing for Publication, Teaching and Supervision, Winning and Managing Research Funding, and Building Networks. My University Library gave me links to read all of these on e-books via the publisher, Sage Publications – given the expense of the Kindle version, I think it well worth checking if your uni library does the same.
  • R. Murray, Writing for Academic Journals (Open University Press, Maidenhead, 3rd ed., 2013).
  • S. Cottrell, Critical Thinking Skills (Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, 2nd ed., 2011).
  • B. Ballenger, The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers (Pearson Longman, London, 8th ed., 2014).
  • M. Petre and G. Rugg The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research (Open University Press, Maidenhead, 2nd ed., 2011).

Useful Websites

  • Academic Phrasebank – Non-discipline specific, this is a great resource for academic writing run by the University of Manchester. Definitely one to use!

Blogs for Postgraduates

  • Gradhacker and its new site – American based, offering lots of posts on all things postgraduate. Still good stuff on the old site, hence my posting of both addresses.
  • The Thesis Whisperer – A worldwide blog, this is really interesting for all things related to a PG thesis.
  • PhD Comics – a little light relief, although I suspect sometimes it hits really close to the bone… They’ve done two movies of this as well – the first has subtitles, I know, the second they’re working on. 🙂
  • Daily Life of a PhD – this PhD student – genetics, at the University of Leicester – is aiming to blog every day of her PhD. An interesting insight into the daily grind.
  • Patter – a blog on research education, academic writing, public engagement, funding, other eccentricities…
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